About Gita Putri Siregar

Gita Putri Siregar is an Indonesian teenage girl who loves writing and exploring the internet. She started blogging in 2014, and her first blog was a super messy one. In early 2015, she decided to become more serious in achieving her ambition, which is writing a successful blog and writing a novel, so she tried out multiple website builders and blogging platforms, until she finally settled down here. Although her commitment was to stop procrastinating, she did not know that she would stop blogging until June 2015.

Nowadays, Gita is trying to live her life happily, cherishing God’s blessing, being positive, and trying to become a better person and writer. She tries to listen to others’ opinions, being patient and to love herself more. Gita also wants to escape from falling into teenager’s problems (insecurity, doesn’t want to be different, etc.), so she learns from examples and lessons to create a better self.

She is a member of a fiction critique website called Critique Circle. Over there, she posts her chapters and critique other stories. She loves reading fantasy and adventure, but also enjoy mystery, thrillers and action. She prefers third-person point-of-view over first person point-of-view.

About this blog

In this multi-topic blog, Gita shares all of her passions in one place, that is:

  • Blogging
  • Writing
  • The internet
  • Personal
  • Positivity/Life

She hopes that this blog will be successful, build her some fan platform, and be a happy place for her to write!

Connect with her!

Gita loves connecting to her readers, or fellow like-minded people. Although she has her own email inbox, she prefers to connect with other people across the world from social media websites.

Google Plus (Google+): Gita Siregar (+GitaSiregarWrites)


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